Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Because I'm Frugal...ok Cheap.

I really wanted to do "N-O-A-H" letters across the top of Noah's crib.  So many nurseries I've looked at make this trend a decor must.  I originally thought of purchasing the white wooden block letters that Michael's or JoAnn's sells, but when I saw the price of those puppies, I changed my mind.  How much for a big wooden block letter?  $5-6.  Now 'Noah' is a short name, so the letters would have only set me back $25-30, but that even seemed like more than I wanted to spend on this particular decoration. 

So I came up with a home-made alternative that involved some cardboard, ribbon, yarn, hot glue gun, and a lot of patience.  Here's what happened....
I free-handed block letters on some cardboard, cut them out with an exacto knife, and wrapped yarn as tightly around the letters as I could
then I glued some ribbon to the backs of them, and hung them up with tacks.

  Definitely not professional, but it adds that homemade touch that runs rampant through our house.  It's not some people's thing, but Dan and I like it...and I hope Noah will like reaching up and touching his soft letters too =)

Total cost of this project.
$2.99  (for the yarn)

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