Monday, April 30, 2012

Cloth Craftiness

Greetings Friends,

Hope everyone is keeping fabulous and enjoying the beautiful spring weather we've been having of late (with the exception of the rain).  Everything is status quo at Casa Hoberg.  Dan has been busy with work around the house, work work, and studying.  I on the other hand have been busy eating, sleeping, and growing a belly.  Needless to say we are both doing sufficiently well =)

It's been awhile since I've done a crafty post, so I figured my last project was worth a mention.  It certainly had me all excited and giddy...initially that is.  Many of you have probably heard of Pinterest.  And if you haven't it's basically an online community of shared ideas and pictures.  People post something they've found on the Internet they find interesting or noteworthy, allowing other people from pinterest to peruse their finds and find things that interest themselves as well. 

Recently my friend posted this idea on Pinterest for cloth paper towels.  Yes....cloth!  How novel! And cool!  And eco-friendly!  Since Dan and I have recently determined that we are going to cloth diaper the babe anything and everything having to do with cloth has been striking my fancy.  Not only does cloth save the planet from tons of waste, but it also saves your pocket alot of money!  Think of how many rolls of paper towels you go through in a month....between Dan, me, Bruce, and's quite a few.  So when I saw this idea...

I fell in loooove.  So they actually sell these babies $50+ dollars a piece.  Cue jaw drop.  Ridiculousness I know.  So after further examining I was determined to make my own set of cloth paper towels for much much cheaper. 

So yesterday I set out for good ole JoAnn Fabrics.  Sadly I was couponless as the Sunday paper seems to be getting stingier and stingier these days.  I reasoned there would probably be coupons inside the door as they usually have their ads there.  So on my way I went and when I arrived, much to my dismay, there were no coupons in their ad either! It was just my luck that a very nice lady on her way out saw me flipping through the ad with an exasperated look on my face and offered me not one but TWO coupons.  And get this....for 40% and 50% off regular priced items.  SCORE!  I made a mental note to pay this kindness forward the next time an opportunity presented itself.  So I bounced my way back to the fabrics and picked out a yard of green terry cloth and a yard of cotton green print. 

Now for the snaps...I wasn't sure I was quite skilled enough to master snaps on all of my cloth towels, so I went for Velcro instead.  Now I know that Velcro won't last as long as snaps, but it can be easily replaced once worn and it's cheap. 

So in total I spent $14 dollars at JoAnns.  What a savings if my cloth towels did end up working out!  After checking out, I hurried home and got to work. 

Step 1.  I made a paper template of the towel.  I wanted it to be 11x11.  I then used the template to cut as many squares as possible out of my terry and cotton fabric.  I was hoping for 12 from each. 
Step 2.  Pin them together to sew.  I pinned them with right sides facing each other.
Luckily I got 12 sheets out of the terry but only 9 out of the cotton, so I threw in some pieces from other fabric I had lying around.
Step 3.  Sew, sew sew.  Because this was such a long arduous process, I do not have any pictures to show you.  I spent most of the next few hours  cursing at my sewing machine,  ripping seams and redoing them, reloading my bobbin, repairing a fixed sewing machine needle, and cutting loose threads. 
  *I found the best way to maintain the size of the towel and minimize frayed edges was to sew a stitch around the entire border as close to the edge as possible, then flip the towels so that the right side was out, then restitch along the entire border again to flatten them like pancakes. 

Hours later I had a finished project. 

You can see I added 3 little Velcro pieces to each towel.

Tearing a sheet off is EZ-Peezy. 

I put my towels to use this morning for the first time after I soaked and sudded my kitchen counters for a good clean.  I have to say I like the absorbency of the terry.  It did a really nice job.  My only complaint was that the cotton kept pulling away from the terry in the middle of the towel, making it hard to grasp.  I'm not sure how I would solve that one if I make more towels in the future. 

So the prototype is done and Dan and I will see how it works and how they hold up after multiple washes.  Of course we'll keep paper towels on hand as back up, but I'm really hoping we end up liking these cloth versions.  If so, I may have to make a couple more rolls!

That's all for now =)  

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  1. Brilliant lady!!! Let me know how it goes..then you will have to teach me. :)